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For Buyers, Investors or Sponsors, wanting to buy, to invest or to sponsor to newlegal:

Internet projects newlegal have always worked and are working now under Windows Server OS and MS SQL server.

What is inside the Community?

These domains (sites): — this site is a gateway with all the links to other sites of Community

The consultations: — the Ukrainian consultation — the Russian consultation — the Belarusian consultation — the Kazakh consultation — the Moldavian consultation
All their mobile versions:

The planned consultations which have not started yet:

The remote services for Consultants:
Internal services:

The service of authorization that works on the all sites of the Community:

A built-in URL shortener service:

The magazine and the newspaper of Consultants:

Consultants' ads and a job search service for them:

Consultants' and users' forums:

The legal search engine:

A support service of users:

newlegal's social communities pages:

The first site of this Community had begun to work in 1996. Now this community serves citizens of five countries. These countries are Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Kazakhstan.

Thousands lawyers, accountants and other Consultants from these countries practice in the Community.

Hundreds of thousands questions and answers were saved in the data base of internet projects of the Community.

The Community has its own search engine, a service of a job search and a service of a free publication of consultants' ads.

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