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We made the first little step in the aidopia ecosystem equipment. While our engineers are preparing our new ships for the flight, while they are installing the modern motors on them, while they are hanging the weaponry on these ships, we started up the simplest but very useful for the aidopia legal armada — the news informer. His shed you can find here:

What will we see in the informer in future?
The whole chapter will be about aidopia heroes. We will tell you about those who help and always will help our ecosystem Guests. We will try the story about our heroes not be boring, will try to make it interesting as a life story.

Micro (by a size) and macro (by a content) help for the beginner visitors of our ecosystem. Because there is no need sometimes to ask Consultants (lawyers and accountants). Sometimes you just need to browse the knowledges we have been gathered for you — the collection of answers on very important questions, which we will prepare for our Guests.

The aidopia events. The whole list of topics and events which happened in the ecosystem. It will be made with the details and detailed description of that is important for us. There will be messages and complaints, statements and thanks, ideas, questions and answers of the aidopia workshop (that one, where new is creating and old is fixing).

The serious texts. There will be news and articles about yours and ours life, printed by our friends-authors about aidopia. Also it will be internal documents, which are very needed to be in ecosystem (there is a rule), but not so interesting as we wish.

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