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Our team understands exactly, which problems are arise now at ordinary people in Ukraine, at those people, who must leave their houses, towns, or even country. Without money, without property, and sometimes without hope for coming back.

We understands exactly, which problems are arise now at ordinary people, who are take part in the hostilities in Ukraine. Problems which are related with injuries, with non protection before bureaucratic machine, even death. We know, what problems are all upon relatives and friends of the military.

We are not dividing people to "right" or "wrong", trying to help each of needed, in that key, in that specialization, which we have and good known - in legal help and protection of their law rights and interests.

What we are doing? Except that we are giving consultation resources, at which, all people who need such help, can receive it (it turned out that all the community consultation relevant to countries where hostilities take place, where refuges are moved to, where ordinary people are suffer), and all people who want to give such help - are giving it.

We are finding (at the territories of hostilities and locations of forced migrants) Specialists, which are getting a little fee from us and giving help at places where this help is needed.

What can you do? Please, connect our program:
If you are - Specialist, please tell us your coordinates in any suitable way, which help you can give in your dislocation. Which minimal fee will you want for such work. Maybe, you are ready to act without receiving a fee. At last just sign up in community and help people who are in need (if you will find questions from affected people), right from your work place.

If you are - an ordinary person, who are ready to help, but have no physical opportunity to do this, just donate us. All donates we will be send to this program - program for people who are needed in legal help.

If you know people, who needs our help, just tell us, describe the problem, which is needed to be solved, give us a contact data, and the last we will do it by ourselves. Or just tell them where they should contact with it, if they have an opportunity to do it by Internet.

Let's all show our sincerity and compassion and will show to the world our best characters. Let the whole world, stop the suffering of ordinary people. Let's give possible assistance to those who need it.

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