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Шифрованные соединения

Истерия монополистов поиска, угрожающих владельцам сайтов понижением их позиций в поисковой выдаче, если на используемых ими серверах не будут установлены ssl-сертификаты, была бы не так заметна, если бы они же (эти "поисковики") не занимались (кроме продажи рекламы на своих помойках и на чужих сайтах, назначенных к понижению в выдаче) производством браузеров ... [More]

SPAM vs classifieds

Rhetorical question: do we let spam in a meaning of advertising for such respected professions as lawyers, accountants, auditors, private detectives and patent attorneys? In re: it's absolutely unacceptable and impossible using of such "promotion" methods and such own practice ad by law professionals, like sending SPAM. Because, such methods, generally, are illegal, implements by laws and rules network violators and cause unpleasant ... [More]

The international commercial ads

We continue to explore the multilingualism. Today, as was supposed, professional and specialized service of commercial newlegal community ads, appeared the English version. The version choice is remembered for authorized members. In each service versions are using its categories and locations. In each version there are its own set of ads. Friends, please advice yours languages versions for ... [More]

We are «changing clothes»

We started to "change clothes" of job search and offer site for lawyers, accountants and auditors that is called, without advertising (without telling the participants) our "evil" intentions. A new site version will be assemble via the same service constructor, which we were using during developing the free ads community service that is called Job search and offer service, as an ads service, will be multilingual, will have ... [More]