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Параллельные консультации по-новому

В экосистеме aidopia, которая будет международным местом полностью платной работы для юристов и бухгалтеров, вытачивается новый движок. Этот движок будет абсолютно универсальным для сайтов экосистемы: и для платных консультаций и для Персональных профилей Консультантов, да и для всех остальных служб. Сообщество newlegal думали оставить, как есть, ничего не меняя, только перебросив «мостики» между ним и aidopia. Но ... [More]

Just simple and without pathos

We made the first little step in the aidopia ecosystem equipment. While our engineers are preparing our new ships for the flight, while they are installing the modern motors on them, while they are hanging the weaponry on these ships, we started up the simplest but very useful for the aidopia legal armada — the news informer. His shed you can find here: What will we see in the informer in future? The whole chapter will be about ... [More]

We are «changing clothes»

We started to "change clothes" of job search and offer site for lawyers, accountants and auditors that is called, without advertising (without telling the participants) our "evil" intentions. A new site version will be assemble via the same service constructor, which we were using during developing the free ads community service that is called Job search and offer service, as an ads service, will be multilingual, will have ... [More]