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We are «changing clothes»

We started to "change clothes" of job search and offer site for lawyers, accountants and auditors that is called, without advertising (without telling the participants) our "evil" intentions. A new site version will be assemble via the same service constructor, which we were using during developing the free ads community service that is called Job search and offer service, as an ads service, will be multilingual, will have ... [More]

Back to Motherland

Our secret service agents team ;-), which, penetrated on ex-USSR territory few years ago, to create a newlegal control center and community support, decided to explain the reasons for the escape from the Ukraine. We was writing in newlegal time line about this exodus. It can not be called a failure. We have not give up the community, we didn't stop supporting newlegal services, we are continue building new one and update of existing ... [More]