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Офіційна заява

Ми довгенько пропрацювали в Україні, полюбили цю землю, й народ, вивчили мову, але нажаль вимушені були піти, не витримавши "сприятливого інвестиційного клімату". Те що відбулося в Києві, під нічним покровом, коли ці фашисти в державній поліцейській уніформі, знущалися та знищували український мирний вибір, щодо протесту проти непідписання історичної угоди між Україною й ЄС, примушує нас заявити наступне: Ми засуджуємо ... [More]

The switch was turned off

Due changes in aidopia ecosystem, and changes in community newlegal development plans, we were discontinued community switch. Not the last role in the rejection of a network switch design has played muddle with domain names in the domain. TC. As always in this bureau, which believes that it controls the Internet. Bye-bye switch, do not offense, we don't need you anymore.... [More]

SPAM vs classifieds

Rhetorical question: do we let spam in a meaning of advertising for such respected professions as lawyers, accountants, auditors, private detectives and patent attorneys? In re: it's absolutely unacceptable and impossible using of such "promotion" methods and such own practice ad by law professionals, like sending SPAM. Because, such methods, generally, are illegal, implements by laws and rules network violators and cause unpleasant ... [More]


Next week we will continue sites and services translation on multilingualism rails. This process will last till starts. Such approach will be used: if site and service structure let to use several languages, than it will be used several languages. If no, and site and service remake is impossible - than it will be used international language - English. Also, bit by bit all services and sites will be use English (when ... [More]

The international commercial ads

We continue to explore the multilingualism. Today, as was supposed, professional and specialized service of commercial newlegal community ads, appeared the English version. The version choice is remembered for authorized members. In each service versions are using its categories and locations. In each version there are its own set of ads. Friends, please advice yours languages versions for ... [More]